Serbian and Adrenaline!

Join us for an adventure!
We are heading to Niš - a city with impressive history and nature to match!

Serbia's top experts are here to pass on their knowledge to you!

  • 4 days
  • Serbian in use
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Tour of Niš
  • Hotel accommodation (breakfast included)

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Our promotional period lasts until October!

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May 2020.

Our four-day program is guaranteed to teach you how to communicate in basic Serbian AND climb rocks as well. You will have the opportunity to get to know Serbian culture and the unique history of this region.

We will have classes in basic communication every morning.

Afterwards, you will put theory into practice right away while shopping, ordering food and getting around the city.

After you’ve had your practical language experience, the real adventure begins. We’re heading to the national park of Jelašnica, where you will learn the basics of rock climbing!

 Yes, for real!

You will climb real rocks in a real national park!

And that’s not all!

This adventure also includes:

  • hotel accommodation (breakfast included)
  •  a tour of Niš and its world-famous landmarks (the Skull Tower, the Niš fortress, the city centre, etc.)
  • one meal in a traditional Serbian restaurant (main course, salad and one drink)
  • hiking in the national park of Jelašnica
  • souvenirs to remind you of this truly amazing experience

You’ll be able to do all this in only 4 days!

We leave from Novi Sad on Thursday and we’re back by Sunday evening.

Accommodation and transportation are included in the price and they are already taken care of, so you don’t need to worry about anything!

Also, we provide all the learning materials and climbing equipment, so you don’t have to bring basically anything.

Here comes the best part!

Serbia’s top experts with over 10 and even 20 years of experience are here to pass on their knowledge to you.

The regular price of this unusual all-in-one adventure is 549 EUR per person.

During this promotional period, you can get all of this with a 50% discount!

With our whopping discount of 50%, you’ll be able to enjoy all this for only 300 EUR instead of the usual 600 EUR per person.

This promotional period only lasts until October, so hurry up!

Each and every one of our group members has our full attention, and this is why the number of participants is limited.

Reserve your place today!

Because of the limited number of participants, your place in the group will be reserved only after paying the registration fee in the amount of 100 EUR.

The 100 EUR registration fee is of no extra charge, and is included in the total price of 300 EUR!!!

By paying the advance now, you have your place guaranteed for the next two years, at any of the available time slots, so even if you can’t make it now, you can join us next time, for the same promotional price.

The schedule is released and updated monthly.

Because it guarantees your places, the registration fee is nonrefundable.

The registration fee is fully refundable only if the reserved adventure gets cancelled by our team due to unforeseen circumstances.

Book your place now by contacting us or visit us at the climbing gym Adrenalin in Novi Sad.

We look forward to hanging out with you while enjoying all of Serbia’s natural treasures in this region!

Be at the top of your game!

You can sign up for this adventure by filling out this contact form or by visiting us personally at the climbing gym! Vidimo se! ????

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